The Knick Final Episode – Crutchfield reviews and Ping Wu.

Wow! I totally enjoyed watching Crutchfield – the final episode of the Knick.

Barrow comes to Ping Wu
Barrow comes to Ping Wu


Here are a few reviews that mentions my character Ping Wu:

“Wu is as awesomely terrifying as he is overly exoticized. As intoxicating as it is, the Wu scenes are a little ‘30s serial.” – By Brandon Nowalk, A.V. Club

“Wu moves through the offices with the skill of a surgeon, slicing throats, perforating internal organs, and finally planting a hatchet into Collier’s face from across the room. He’s efficient and effective in a way Thack and Edwards are on their best days, but what set’s Wu apart is his goal: he actually wants his patients to die.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for Wu’s expediency, both in terms of how he flips the script on Barrow and how he doesn’t let anyone suffer…

“but there’s no denying the entertainment value of a good ole chainmail n’ hatchet action scene. Naturally, Herman being Herman, the whole escapade only makes things worse, since he’s now indebted to a homicidal kung fu master.”



Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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