Ping Wu on Twitter and Tumblr


It seems that Ping Wu is gettin some internet buzz on Twitter:

Love the deliberate nature of Perry Yung (Ping Wu). That’s all him, we didn’t write it that way, he made it so specific.

Fuck Bruce Lee, I’m all about Ping Wu!

Ping Wu is now my most favourite character on The Knick. What a bad ass.

please get on board my campaign for Ping Wu spin off series from . Working title – The Ping: Rise of a Footsoldier

The best part of the 1st season of was the two minutes it turned into an insane kung fu movie. Ping Wu spin off series please?

Ping Wu is the newest superhero on TV and all from one scene!

woohoo, ping wu! new favorite character alert dayum

Wu Ping just became my favorite character.

“We are big Wu fans. Love Perry’s portrayal. If Barrow now owes him 10Gs, then chances are we’ll see more of Wu.” –

Guys, that final episode with Ping Wu was fucking awesome. Can we get a whole show about that guy?

Here’s a shot from The Knick’s Official Tumblr page!

Stay tuned! – Perry

Ping Wu getting busy!

Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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