A nice accolade about Ping Wu

Ping Wu (Perry Yung) hasn’t been in The Knick very often this season, though he owns the opium den — and the prostitute — that Dr. Thackeray frequents. Imagine my surprise, then, when he got to perform The Most Awesome scene of the finale and say the Best Line of the entire series.

Hospital Director Barrow (Jeremy Bobb), deeply in dept to gangster Bunky Collier (Danny Hoch), goes to Wu, ostensibly in Thackeray’s name, asking that Collier be killed. Of course, the only way to get to Collier is to get rid of all his henchmen first. Though a bit incredulous that Thackeray has sent Barrow to speak for him when Thackeray and Wu have their own relationship, Wu seems to take Barrow’s word and request at face value.

Wu visits Bunky’s headquarters, where Ping Wu unleashes a Mixed Martial Arts attack of Supreme Awesomeness, both in proportions and weapons.

ping wu mma

Wu is so marvelous that Bunky and his henchmen can’t even gather their wits let alone their weapons. Soft-spoken Ping Wu barrels in like a tornado or a typhoon or a hurricane, only worse and faster than all three combine, demolishing the “guards” and leaving Bunky with an unfired pistol in his hand and a hatchet in his forehead.


After reading about the massacre in the newspaper, Barrow cockily returns to his own office at The Knick, confident that all evidence of his $9K debt to Bunky has been metaphorically erased. There, he finds Wu sitting at Barrow’s desk, paging through Bunky’s ledger, remarking that anyone who owed Wu $9K as long as Barrow had owed it to Bunky would have been fed to Wu’s pigs long ago. Barrow protests, something to the effect that the ledger is not what it seems. Ping Wu then incisively retorts with the very best line of the entire season: “I can read left to right, not just up and down.”

Bravo, Wu, Bravo.

Read the entire review here from Alexandria Constantinova Szemen: https://www.thealexandriapapers.com/tag/the-knick-finale/


Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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