Auditioning: A Way of Life

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Soundtracks studio J, New Work City

Hi All, Just wanted to share some insight on auditioning today. I just did a voice over job on an international film that’s going to be a blockbuster.  It’s scheduled to premier this summer. I signed a Non Disclosure agreement so I can’t mention the name of film but I did record in this amazing facility that helped to produce a few oscar winners.

As an actor, you must audition. It’s an emotional roller coaster but this is the only way to get jobs. You reveal your soul to strangers and most of the time you get rejected. It’s tough on the ego. But, actors must develop a healthy attitude about the audition process otherwise we will not succeed in this crazy business. One thing I’ve always done was simply be nice to people and expect nothing in return. I always greet the people in the room warmly, try my best during the audition then  expressing sincere gratitude for seeing me on the way out. Casting directors are very busy people. For roles I can play, they probably see more than 40 actors. Whether you get the job depends on many things, oftentimes it’s something you have no control over like age or look. However, the one thing you can control is your attitude. Being positive can’t hurt. Be nice, be open, be someone they want to work with. I auditioned for a casting director for a voice acting role several weeks ago but was not right for the part. When this recent job came up, he remembered me. He called my agent to specifically ask for me.  Of course I had to audition again since it was an entirely different part but I like to think that being gracious had  something to do with me getting this job this time. Again, it couldn’t have hurt.

Be nice folks, you never know who is listening.

Happy Holidays! Perry


Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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