Ping Wu is “Probably the saviest character on the Knick” – Entertainment Weekly!

Ping Wu brings his girls in for a check-up in You’re No Rose, S2 E2 The Knick. Cinemax. Directed by Steven Sodegbergh

Entertainment weekly says ” Now that opium-den owner Ping Wu is bringing his girls to the Knick to guarantee venereal disease doesn’t make its way into his place of business (as part of a deal with Herman Barrow, who is driving up the construction costs of the new Knick in order to skim more off the top; he owes a lot of money to Ping), there is a need for a specific kind of discreet medical professional. But if I were one of Ping’s girls — or Ping, for that matter — I would make friends with any physician working at the Knick other than the idiotic walking social register Dr. Mays. I’ll forgive Ping’s ignorance over Mays’ rejection of the stirrups (he tells the hookers to place their legs on his shoulders), but I’m surprised that a man like the Chinatown drug lord, who’s probably the savviest character on the show, doesn’t know that “a good nose and a pair of eyes” is hardly a substitute for a tissue swab.”

Wash your hands folks.



Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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