Perry Yung Actor’s reels

Hi All, here’s some of my reels. The top being the most recent.

The Jade Pendant. 2018. Bai Chiang. Dir. Po Chi Leong.

The Detour. Zhi. S2 E11, 12.

The Blacklist. Karo Karo. S3 E22.

Law and Order SVU. Master Randy Liu. S18 E12

The Guardian Brothers. Puppet Master. 2016

Gotham (Xi Lu E1 S18), Limitless (Ahmad Wan S1 E8) and Blue Bloods (Sung Lee S6 E10).

Mandarin reel. The Blacklist. Mr Liao (S2 E20). Royal Pains Mr. Chen (S7 E1, 5 and 10)

The Knick Season. Ping Wu. S1 E1, 3, 5 ,6 , 9 and 10.


– Perry


Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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