Interview with Perry Yung – Hollywood’s Bad-Ass Father.

I had a lot of fun chatting with Monica at Colorwebmag about my work as a Chinese American actor and the responsibilities and opportunities that come with that job.

Loved talking with Allen Vaysberg.
See his youtube channel here for other super informative interviews with other actors.
Thanks to Kwazi for a fun interview! We touched upon a lot of topics in my career so he broke it down to five interviews! Check out his Kung Fu Kronicles channel for the others.
Thank you Lia Chang Asian American actor and journalist for making this interview with Henry Yuk who plays Long Zii in Season 1 of Warriors available. Urban Action Showcase and Expo 2019.
Thanks to Therese Lacson for asking about my Chinese American upbringing and how it informs my role as Father Jun in Warrior.
Thank you Ro for asking some great questions!
Another interview from Teresa Lacson. More about Chinatowns across in America.

A podcast from Kung Fu Drive-in Podcast! Season 1.

Helping to tell our stories is always privilege no matter the struggle. Thank you for reading! – Perry

Author: Perry Yung

New York City actor and musician.

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