Rolling Stone Loves Warrior! Cinemax

I get a mention from having been in a previous Cinemax show – The Knick. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I played Ping Wu. The show took place in a similar time period of American History in New York City. My Warrrior Character – Father Jun – could’ve been Ping Wu’s West coast cousin in San Fransico! Rolling Stone also voted Season1 as one of the top 10 TV shows of 2019.

Friday nights, 10pm, Cinemax.

Warrior Season 2 Premiers Oct 2, 2020!

I am so excited about season 2 of Warrior. Here’s a trailer and some articles hinting at what’s coming soon!

‘Warrior’ Season 2 Trailer: Andrew Koji Brings Fists Of Fury Into Chaos Of Chinatown Tong Wars

‘Warrior’ Season 2 Trailer: Andrew Koji Brings Fists Of Fury Into Chaos Of Chinatown Tong Wars

Warrior Cinemax Airs April 5th!

Finally, after a year of shooting. Season 1 aris April 5th!

 This is an excerpt from Becoming Warrior Part 2 of an 8 part series about Bruce Lee and how the Warrior series came about. Includes interviews with the casts. I’m on this one.

This production is a dream come true. FInally, Hollywood is telling the story of immigrants from the perspective of the immigrants. This particular story centers on the Chinese and Irish experience but really includes everyone who came to American and face severe discrimination. Thanks you to produces Justin Lin, Jonathan Tropper and Shannon Lee for bringing to fruition Bruce lee’s creative idea and making this immense piece of art!

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it!

PANORAMA Tour Through ITALY was a Smash!

The tour of PANORAMA was a smashing success. We played to sold out houses in Rome, Potenza and Bari, Italy. This unique theater production was a collaboration between La Mama E.T.C in New York City and the Italian theater company MOTUS. The actors played themselves in auditions tapes that unfolded into personal stories of traveling across borders – physical, mental,  cultural and political. See the New York Times review here:

The audiences in Italy were so amazing. And so were some of the theaters. The one in Bari was an old opera house.
 Here’s a great review in Italian:

L-R: Eugene the Poogene, Perry Yung, Maura Donohue, Zishan Ugurlu, Valios Mickens, Heather Paauwe.


On a travel day, we were gifted a trip to one of the oldest continuous human settlements – Matera. Behind me are paleolithic caves where the earliest humans settled.

It’s great to be back in New York City after three weeks of touring. Have to catch up on much needed rest before taking off to South Africa to shoot  Season 2 of WARRIOR.

Bye for now.

Oh yes, happy Holidays!  – Perry

Acting Resume Perry Yung

Perry Yung

SAG AFTRA for reels


Recent Film: 

A Father’s Son. Dir. Patrick Chen. Wang Kei 2020

Boogie. Dir. Eddie Huang, Mr Chin 2020

Kicks. Dir. Maria Soccor, Chan, 2018

Snakehead. Dir. Evan Leong, Suhyun, 2017

Taipei, Dir. Jason Lester. – Father, 2017

John Wick 2, Dir. Chad Stahelski – Dr. Randall, 2017

Mr. Richardson, Dir. Robin Rose Singer – King Foo, 2017

Benji the Dove, Dir. Kevin Arbouet – Old Joe, Lead, 2017

Jade Pendant, Dir. Po-Chi Leong – Bai Qiang, 2017

Condemned, Dir. Eli Morgan Gesner – Cookie, 2016


Recent Television:

Warrior, (Cinemax/HBO) Father Jun, regular Cast. Season 1 -2, 2018 – 2019

The Neighborhood, (West St Productions) Chung, 2018

Law and Order SVU (NBC) – Master Randy Lui, 2017

The Detour (TBS) – Zhi, recurring – 2017

The Blacklist (NBC) – Karo Karo/Mr. Liao,  2015 – 2016

Blue Bloods (CBS) – Sung Lee, – 2016

The Knick (Cinemax) Dir. Steven Soderbergh – Ping Wu, recurring, 2014 – 2015.

Limitless (CBS) – Amad Wan,  2015

Royal Pains  (USA)– Mr. Chen, recurring, 2015

Gotham (FOX) – Xi Lu,  2015



Panorama, Motus (Italy) and La Mama theater, New York City Nov – Dec 2018

Pylades Tour – Austria, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Portugal. July 2016

La Mama Theater/off off Broadway – Pylades, New York City. Nov. 2015.

Strictly Female Female – Westend Theater, Dir Maura Donohue, ensemble 2014

Deadly She-wolf at Armageddon – by Fed Ho, Dir. Sonoku Kawahara, Iyagu, lead  2013

Great Jones Rep. La Mama, Fragments of a Greek Trilogy, Dir. Andrei Serban,  

Orestes, chorus, NYC – international tours – Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, 1997 – 2003.

Slant Performance Group, co-founder, ensemble 1996 – present,


Training: Great Jones Repertory group 1993-present, Pan Asian Repertory Shakespeare workshop 1994


Skills: Stage combat, American English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Brooklyn, California, Texan accents, bamboo flute, guitar, bass, taiko drums, modern, butoh dance.