The Opium Den in The Knick was getting hot!

It got a little hot in the den in last night’s Golden Lotus episode of The Knick.


This review says I have a silky voice!

This review describes the scene.

Another review that mentions my name!

Another review that mentions the Golden Lotus an dhow it’s used:

I am looking forward to the last episode next Friday. Cinemax 10 pm Eastern  Check it out this trailer!

– Perry

Fred Ho’s Memorial at BAM Cafe Oct 3.

I went to Fred Ho’s memorial celebration at the BAM Cafe last night. Fred was one of the first innovators of cultural fusion in the arts. He mixed Asian instruments with American jazz to tell new stories of America from a non Eurocentric perspective. It was bold and rockin. It was fresh. It was sexy. Fred will continue to be one of my main inspirations. Below is a cast shot of Deadly She-Wolf Assassin at Armaggedon at La Mama April 2013.  It was one of funnest shows I’ve had the pleasure of performing in in over twenty years of doing theater in New York City. Knowing Fred, I sure he’s wreaking havoc in the after life.    fredhoshewolf2

The Knick E9 The Golden Lotus and SLANT


Check out this interview Dan Bacalzo did with SLANT:

It’s been quite hectic with all the rehearsals lately but I’m so excited to be performing in Philly at the 2014 Asian American Theater Festival and Conference. Oct 9th.

Hope to see you there!

Also very excited for the next episode of the Knock call The Golden Lotus. 10pm Eastern on Cinemax. The Golden Lotus is a Chinese erotic novel written in the Ming Dynasty. Sorry NO Spoilers!

See you at the movies… or the theatre!  😉 Perry

Episode 8 of the Knick

Just wanted to share this shot from Episode 8 of the Knick – Working Late a Lot.



This review from Entertainment Weekly references my character’s new friendship with Thackery.

This review form MSTARZ News says I have the best line in the episode!

Other reviews that mentions Ping Wu:

Also got a mention in this review of Episode 7 – Get the Rope:

Stay tuned for the last two episodes of Season 1!

– Perry

SLANT at the 2014 National Asian American Theater Festival and Conference

Hello Theater lovers, SLANT will be performing on Oct 9th in Philadelphia in the 2014 National Asian American Theater Festival and conference.

Come to this amazing festival of some of the most creative theater artists working in America today!

See link for more details –

/Slant in Secret Asian Man

See you there!

– Perry