Sophia Coppola Holiday Gap Ad with Perry Yung

It was such a great experience working with Sophia Coppola. She’s was genuinely caring in her direction of the actors. When one is directing a film, TV or commercial, there are a tons of technical demands – camera, sound, lighting – that need her focused and intense attention. But, she certainly took the time to hang with us. You can tell she was an actor.  Thank you for being awesome Sophia!

Snakehead The Movie

It was a lot of fun working on SNAKEHEAD the Movie!

This was a passion project based on a true story. It’s not often one gets to work on a real story, one told from the heart. So proud to have been a part of this special film written and directed by Evan Jackson Leong.snakeheadbasement

Can’t wait until it’s out!


Until the next shot folks.


Follow the film at Its a wrap!-


Law and Order SVU with Perry Yung Episode airs Feb22.



Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit. The director Stephanie Marquardt of our episode – No Surrender.  No spoilers! – Perry



Also Just wrapped on SNAKEHEAD directed by Evan Jackson Leong of the LINSANITY documentary.  Here we go! – Perry

With Sung Kang of Fast and Furious, Shuya Chang of Crouching Tiger 2 and Ritchie Ng.
With Sung Kang of Fast and Furious, Shuya Chang of Crouching Tiger 2 and Ritchie Ng.

On The Detour with James Cromwell


On the Detour Season 2 with James Cromwell.
On the Detour Season 2 with James Cromwell.

Hello folks, Had a great summer touring Europe with La Mama’s Pylades. We went to Croatia, Slovenia, Portugal Austria and Italy. Got back and went to work right away on a great Indie film Benji the Dove about four young boys coming of age. Then I landed a role on the hilarious TBS show, The Detour. Loo for us in season 2! Nothing like coming back to NYC!

Performing music for Culture Hub at La Mama and Seoul Institute of the Arts

The Cowherd and the Weaver.

The Cowherd and the Weaver

Hey folks, I’ve composed some music and will be it in this very unque production directed by Tom Lee. It’s invited guests so let me know if you want to be on the list. May 2nd, 9pm at La mama, Culture Hub. Time would be around 8am in Seoul! The performance will be streamed live at that time so you can watch it online here: