Perry Yung on NBC Blacklist S3 E22 Famke Janssen

It was a great episode! BTW, the films Jade Pendant will be out this summer and John Wick in 2017.

Have a great day! – Perry

Karokaro deals with Susan Hargrave.
Karokaro deals with Susan Hargrave.

Performing music for Culture Hub at La Mama and Seoul Institute of the Arts

The Cowherd and the Weaver.

The Cowherd and the Weaver

Hey folks, I’ve composed some music and will be it in this very unque production directed by Tom Lee. It’s invited guests so let me know if you want to be on the list. May 2nd, 9pm at La mama, Culture Hub. Time would be around 8am in Seoul! The performance will be streamed live at that time so you can watch it online here:

After Fukushima: A 24-hour Event

Muna Tseng at After Fukushima
Playing shakuhachi for Muna Tseng for After Fukushima

9PM –  A Body in Places: Eiko Solo #10 at St. Mark’s Church, with a special introduction by Yukie Kamiya, Gallery Director of Japan Society. Tickets here
We will try our best to squeeze in as many people as possible for this solo. Come by at 8:15pm to join the wait list!

10PM – Installation opens
24 artists will contribute one song, poem, prayer, chant, movement, or gesture every hour, on the hour. FREE with $10 suggested donation!

10pm: Jeannine Otis, St. Mark’s Church Choir Director

11pm: AJ Shavers accompanied by Daiquan Munoz

12 midnight: Ralph Samuelson (on shakuhachi)

1am: Rev. Dr. Allison Moore of St. Mark’s Church

2am: Lydia Bell

3am: Ishmael Houston-Jones

4am: Ramsi Tora

5am: DonChristian

6am: ignabu

7am: Rev. Earl Ikeda of New York Buddhist Church with Assistant Ministers Isabelle Shinjo Bernard, Cheryl Joko Ikemiya, Gary Shobo Jaskula, Matthew Kaigo Wise

8am: To be announced

9am: To be announced

10am: To be announced

11am: Steven Taylor (playing Allen Ginsberg’s harmonium)

12 noon: April Naoko Heck of Kundiman Writers & Poets

1pm: Purvi Shah of Kundiman Writers & Poets

2pm: Madhu Kaza of Kundiman Writers & Poets

3pm: Meredith Monk

4pm: Carol Lipnik

5pm: John Kelly

6pm: Muna Tseng

7pm: Ishmael Houston-Jones

8pm: Margaret Leng Tan (on piano)

9pm: Dana Reitz

Perry Yung Actor’s reels

Hi All, here’s some of my reels:

The Jade Pendant. 2018. Bai Chiang. Dir. Po Chi Leong.

The Detour. Zhi. S2 E11, 12.

The Blacklist. Karo Karo. S3 E22.

Law and Order SVU. Master Randy Liu. S18 E12

The Guardian Brothers. Puppet Master. 2016

Gotham (Xi Lu E1 S18), Limitless (Ahmad Wan S1 E8) and Blue Bloods (Sung Lee S6 E10).

Mandarin reel. The Blacklist. Mr Liao (S2 E20). Royal Pains Mr. Chen (S7 E1, 5 and 10)

The Knick Season. Ping Wu. S1 E1, 3, 5 ,6 , 9 and 10.


– Perry

Blue Bloods Cursed Season 6 Episode 12

Blue Bloods Cursed episode was cool. I think Sung Lee is innocent.

Sung pronounces the innocence of the Black Lotus gang.
Sung pronounces the innocence of the Black Lotus gang.

“What year do you think this is? Do you think we’re gonna come out of our opium dens with our Tommy guns? It’s a new day detective. If the Black Lotus has a problem with some other group, we rely on cooperation, not violence” – Sung Lee

Grills Sung Lee about a murder

Detective Maria Baez grills him but she believes that he has nothing to do with the murder. Maybe there’s something else going on?

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