About Perry Yung

Perry Yung is an actor and musician who works in contemporary performance art, television and film. He was founder of the Asian American performance collective SLANT Performance Group and has been  a member of La Mama’s Great Jones Repertory Group where has performed leading roles in Andrei Serban and Elizabeth Swados’ Fragments of a Greek Trilogy around the world since 1993. Perry is also a traditionally trained Japanese shakuhachi flute craftsman and musician. He leads meditation flute making and playing workshops in Zen temples and colleges across the United States. More recently he has been integrating the sound of the zen flute into film and television such as in Warrior for Cinemax/HBOmax, A Father’s Son directed by Patrick Chen. Here’s a link to an aggregated list of interviews in podcast, video and print.

Episode 211 The Equalizer airs March 6th 8PM Eastern CBS

My most recent actor’s reel.

Includes Mandarin and Cantonese dialogue

Premiering 2022

3 thoughts on “About Perry Yung”

  1. Hi Perry,
    My name is Daniel Hall. I have a friend who wants to sell me his shakuhachi. He bought it from you several years ago (Peter Dorsa). He bought it as a gift for his wife, who has since died.

    I wanted to see if we could meet for a video call before I buy it. I have a PVC shakuhachi I bought several years ago, which I find easy to play. However, I find this bamboo shakuhachi more difficult to play. When I look at the difference between the mouth pieces I see more of a curvature in the PVC one, which I think may be the reason it is easier to play.

    I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for me before I commit to making this investment. Maybe I need to adapt my technique before considering a modification? I can send you pictures if that would help?


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